Managed services explained by The Window

Have you tried managing your businesses technology by yourself?

Many clients find it hard to keep up with the times. There are so many Antivirus programs, patches and  updates which need to take place, just to mention a few. Then there are also software and hardware issues with computers which you need to manage and solve. It’s way too hard!

As a business owner, you need to focus on the key elements of your business and not on how technology is changing – and that is where we step in. You need a service provider to manage all of it so that you don’t have to. Having us in your corner will cut costs, save you time and maximise your technological capabilities.

You might still be wary about getting a company to manage all your technological needs but here are 5 reasons why you should hire us.

  1. We will handle all current and future technology requirements. We advise you on how to optimise your current technology while also planning for the years ahead. We help with research, recommendations and procurement. You simply say yes or no.
  2. We will implement back-up and disaster recovery strategies. There are always threats around every corner.
  3. We have relationships with various technology vendors to ensure you get the best possible prices for your technology needs.
  4. We allow you to focus on more critical business functions like sales, management and marketing. Let us handle what we know best and free up that responsibility from you.
  5. We will reduce your expenses. Keeping your systems up to date will reduce lost revenue due to downtime. Our skilled team will save you time and money from hiring staff to manage your technology. We will keep you up and running while your competitors struggle with downtime. Giving you a competitive advantage!

The future of IT support has arrived in the form of The Window IT Managed services. Our technical team are proactive in keeping your computers monitored and maintained in every aspect of your network, keeping your computers healthy and up to date. We also offer a call-in or email support desk with certified and trained technicians when you need immediate support.

Forget about the slow IT services you have experienced. Join us and experience the future of IT support.

Contact us to book a no-obligation review of your infrastructure and see how we can help you in the future.