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Managed services explained by The Window

Have you tried managing your businesses technology by yourself? Many clients find it hard to keep up with the times. There are so many Antivirus programs, patches and  updates which need to take place, just to mention a few. Then there are also software and hardware issues with computers which you need to manage and […]

5 Things that can wrong with your PC

The standard home computer is made up of about 8 to 15 highly complex components or parts, ranging from the hard drive and RAM to keyboard and mouse. They can often work for years without a single hint of a problem and then for what appears to be no reason at all, stop working. The […]

How to combat Ransomware!

If you see warning popup on your PC, you should know you have double clicked on a ransomware attachment and you may be losing everything. It’s probably too late but do not panic…. The Window is there to assist!  Call our help desk immediately. Preventing this situation in the first place: We would like to think […]